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Damaged or corrupt DBF files? Don't panic... Call on DBF Doctor for your DBF fix. DBF repair goes quickly and smoothly with this exclusive technology from Astersoft Co.

Open a damaged DBF file and you'll often see only error messages or gibberish. In minutes, DBF Doctor fixes headers in your file and more - analyzing data structures deep within your file. The automated recovery process, powered by a unique artificial intelligence, restores and repairs your damaged files as accurately as possible. Or, you keep complete control by working manually with the damaged data in the file.

No backup files? No problem. DBF recovery has never been so easy. DBF Doctor automatically recognizes all popular formats: Dbase III/IV, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, and more!

Are you an IT professional, system administrator, or database user? Get DBF Doctor to complete your IT tool set. No training required - get up and running in minutes. You can download it right now!


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Complete control

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